Discover your life purpose

Book review

Discover your Life Purpose

By Pastor Lam Kee Hing

Reviewed by Goldie Chong

Our Oikos Fellowship, a group that meets weekly in G’Fun Café in Perth consists mainly of retirees.

The Lam family
When I read this book I thought “every member of this group should read it”. The reason is retirees too often think they can sit back and relax and enjoy life, rewarding themselves for their whole life’s hard work.

But they will find sooner or later that this will bore them to tears or even early death.

They must not retire, they must “re-tyre”- find new frontiers, have fresh vision, venture into new territory. That’s how they will find new vigour, new purpose, new life.

Lam Kee Hing covers all the reasons of how to do this, when we should do it (preferably long before we reach retirement), gives suggestions, ideas to help us live a fruitful, significant life in order to leave a worthwhile legacy.

We need to be motivated to do something about it and not procrastinate until we cannot move.

This book will inspire and kickstart us into action.

To me an interesting section in the book is where Ke Hing names several contemporary personalities which are inspiring examples of people overcoming weaknesses, handicaps, sacrifices to live a life that is well-lived. We have no excuse not to do the same at any age. end48

To purchase please credit AUD$15 or R30 a copy (includes postage) bank account payee Lam Kee Hing , Public Bank acc no 3077417102 Swift code: PPBEMYKL


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