Cambodia opportunities and service.

“Cambodia…. land of smiles, opportunities and service”

Sharing the vision of setting up a Christian tertiary institution in Phnom Penh to show that Christians care for this country with their contribution through EDUCATION.

You are cordially invited to listen to a talk by Dr Seet Ai Mee

Dr Seet Ai Mee, was a member of the Singapore Parliament and Cabinet member in Lee Kuan Yew’s government as Minister of State in Education and also in Community Development. She has spent 9 of her “retirement years” helping with the Methodist Missions work in Cambodia in church building, student hostels and literacy programme for slum children. She presents some insights into the kinds of work Christians are  doing and can do in Cambodia through orphanages, social work, saving children at risk, social enterprise, and,  best of all : in EDUCATION

Who should come? Interested parties who have ministries in Cambodia

                                           22 Mar. (Tues) 7.30pm

                           St Lawrence Church Hall (56 Viking Rd. Dalkeith)

Information, background, history, aim, plans of this project

Cambodia lost 2 generations in 4+ years. Societal norms were destroyed. Education systems wrecked. These 4+ years of genocide were followed by 15 of Vietnamese Communist Occupation. Today it is a Republic… Hungry for progress, its doors open to Development and to the Gospel. She will speak of the 2 generations lost in 4+ years of Pol Pot madness, destroyed societal systems, and the renewal republican years fraught with greed and corruption. Whither Cambodia?

Today there are Opportunities to show that Christians care: Through social work, medical teams and most importantly:  EDUCATION. Today there are still many opportunities to reach out and help the poor, deprived, orphaned and at-risk children in this, one of the poorest of the Indo-China countries, a country which is still open to the Gospel.

With a few friends they looked into setting up a Christian University with the initial aim of teaching teachers, a project which the Minister of Education turned down and he instead asked that they look into Technological Education. Today they are working with the Cambodian Ministry of Education and Universities to look into setting up a “Hybrid” High School and Institute of Technology.

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