Divine Encounters @ Marketplace

By Stanley Cheng

 Basskaran Nair, Asso. Proferssor (Adjunct) of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy recommended this newly published book thus:

Stanley’s work experience is immensely diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural…..  Yet at all times he has stayed faithful in the ministry – sharing the gospel…healing ….always ready with a word of the Lord. There are sufficient anecdotes in the book that display Stanley’s trait of combining natural talents with spiritual gifting….Stanley demonstrates God’s presence and activity in the multi-varied encounters he faced such as near death experience, career changes, business dealings, working in different countries and challenges in the workplace.   It is a joy to recommend this book for us serving in the marketplace.  The challenge is to be faithful, intentional and teachable for God to use us as His instrument of blessing. end48


Book price: Sgd 20 in spore, Rm 60 in malaysia, usd 15 in usa, pound 10 in uk. 

Enquiries: scheng108@gmail.com


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