2016 APR: A Time To Laugh




The boss of a family business was throwing his weight around and insisted that his staff treated him with greater respect.

One morning he brought a sign I AM THE BOSS and hung it on his office door.

Later when he returned from lunch, he saw a note taped to the sign on his door. It read YOUR WIFE CALLED. SHE WANTS HER SIGN BACK.


Made In Japan!

A Japanese man went to New York for his two week holiday. On the last day he hailed a taxi and asked the drive to take him to the airport.

On the way, a Honda passed the taxi and the passenger excitedly yelled, “Honda! Honda! Very fast. Made in Japan.”

After a while, a Toyota sped passed the can. The Japanese shouted, “Toyota! Toyota! Very fast. Made in Japan.”

Soon, a Mazda overtook the taxi. The passenger could not help shouting, “Mazda! Mazda! Very fast. Made in Japan.”

A few other Japanese cars whizzed passed the taxi and each time, the Japanese yelled out, “Very fast. Very fast. Made in Japan.”

The American taxi driver was irritated but kept his cool. On arrival, his fare was $200. The Japanese exclaimed, “Wah…that’s very expensive.” The cab driver replied, “Meter! Meter! Very fast. Made in Japan.”


No Fishing!

A game warden caught a man fishing in the pond of the public park. “Can’t you see the sign NO FISHING?” The man calmly replied. “ I see it very clearly.”

“Then, why are you still fishing?” demanded the irate warden, “Don’t you know I can arrest you and fine you for breaking the law.”

“But Sir, I am not breaking the law.”

“If you are not fishing, what are you doing?” “I am teaching my worms to swim.”



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