A tribute to my mother Louise

By Goldie Chong

Interviewed by the Perth Post on her 100th birthday

On her 100th birthday, a newspaper reporter asked the secret of Louise’s longevity.  She replied, “Forgive everyone and don’t be a busybody”. Indeed she lived by this motto which she learnt late in life.  Several times in her early years she was cheated and rejected by close friends whom she had poured her money and energy to help.  She could not stop complaining bitterly until one day she agreed to receive prayer.  Amazingly after praying to release forgiveness, she was completely set free, never to mention the hurts again.  Living with us in the same house for 18 years in Perth, we must have said and done many things knowingly or unknowingly which could have hurt her.  I think she must have forgiven us 70 x 7 to remain genuinely peaceful, sweet and gracious.

Her maxim “don’t be a busybody” was not easy for her strong, capable, resourceful personality.  Used to instructing maids, kids, relatives and friends, her non-interference policy made her easy to live with. She never complained or dictated how we should run our household, bring up our children, change our lifestyle or cook our food. She never had a cross word with me, Tek or the kids.

She had just celebrated her 102nd birthday when one day, within an hour of getting up from bed, with no illness or pain, she went peacefully and quickly to join her husband in the presence of the Lord.  Although unexpected, we were prepared, for mom had given instructions about her departure long ago.  She had settled her affairs, having distributed her assets and belongings and signed papers to bequeath her body to the University for Research. Since once a year, my four siblings would fly in from Hongkong, Switzerland and Canada to see her, she told them not to rush to Perth for her funeral.  So in death as in life, she considered others. end48

Thank you mom for being such a good example for us to follow.


Adios till we Meet Again

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  1. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise

    I too was another life touched by Auntie Louise. When I first came to HK, she included me as family and introduced me to play piano duet with her, invited me to the weekly family meal gathering. Auntie Louise and Adore invited me to the Women Aglow meeting in 1987, which ignited my heart to receive Christ as my Savior and my life was never the same again. This is the biggest impact for my life’s journey!

    Auntie Louise’s words “Forgive everyone and don’t be a busybody” still resonate in my mind, truly this is a powerful statement and a secret to happiness. I am remind myself all the time!

    Telly Chow ~ Hongkong

  2. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise

    I used to correspond with your mother for many years. Reading your article about her made me miss her letters even more! She had been a very generous person especially to those who were musically inclined! Our family received a lot of help from her. She might not have mentioned it to you but I just cannot forget how good she was towards us. I like to recall some of the kind deeds she showed to us, not to glorify a person but to remember how God used her to provide our needs.

    I first came in contact with Auntie Ching (that was how I called her) when my sister Yvette went to England to study nursing in 1955. She loaned my mother money to pay for my sister’s expenses for the ticket to travel to UK by ship. I was the one to bring the monthly repayment to her. When she knew that I was interested in taking up a second instrument besides piano, she suggested cello to me. That’s how I ended up taking cello lessons with you. She even paid half of the fees for me without me knowing! I only found out when your family took a trip overseas and I had to pay the fees to Mr Leven(?).

    Then I became too busy and I had to drop cello lessons, but she found other ‘creative’ ways to help me. After you people moved out of Cumberland Road, you moved into a flat with a very big area. I cannot recall where that place was. All I knew was that it had many rooms and many corners that one could hide. Auntie Ching employed me to sit with your little brother to watch him practice piano 2-3 time a week! Not to teach him but to make sure that he sat at the piano for at least half an hour! Once I went there and your brother simply ‘disappeared’! The maid called for him for more than half an hour but he was nowhere to be found! So I had to leave. By the way where is your brother now?

    After I moved to Singapore, we met up many times in HK and Singapore to play two pianos and had great fun making music together! I even learnt how to make dumplings from her and my granddaughter enjoys the dumplings I make very much. She said the ones I made were better than those served in restaurants! How can I not make more for her.

    The most touching thing your mother did was to ask your daughter to bring me her precious music scores for two pianos. Your daughter said “Grandma said these sheets are very precious to her, she is now handing them over to you for safekeeping! So I inherited something from her. I played those pieces with my son for many years until he got married and I have no one to play with. My grand daughter is very musical too. Someday I will play with her.

    Dixie Chua ~ Spore

  3. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise

    I truly enjoyed your account regarding your mother.
    I remembered vividly those Saturday evenings in late 1950’s spent at your home in HK for dinner and afterwards playing music with a group of young musicians directed by Arigo Foa, conductor of HK Symphony; (your dad playing the saxophone, you the cello, Sammie the clarinet and me the violin).

    I remembered your mom being so distinguished looking, always capable and charismatic! Every time when I think of your mom and dad it always bring out comfort and warmth in my heart!

    Daniel Wong ~ USA

  4. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise

    We were so touched to read the article on your dear Mother. The hidden beauty of her great life seemed to be the simplicity with which the journey was undertaken. Surely that must have been her quiet confidence in the Lord. We were very touched by your mother’s Godly wisdom and were so honoured to meet her and have her play duets with me on my grand piano in our home. What an honour to have her in your family.

    Reona Lombard ~ Perth

  5. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise

    A special day for Mother is nice to see
    And every day with Father is the way to be
    God our Heavenly Father lights our way
    God bless our beloved mothers in every way.

    Steve Oh ~ Perth

  6. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise
    It has also been my privilege to know. I remember she was quite savvy in real estate. Once I took her and Goldie and Tek to look at a property in bentley. She asked me to quote the price to her in HK dollars.
    Peter Chee ~ Perth

  7. May 2016: Feedback from readers for Mother’s special. Article “A tribute to my mother Louise
    What a moving tribute to your Mom, Goldie. We were deeply touched and thank God that she has enriched
    your lives, not only yours, but many others too.
    Wee Hian

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