Adios*, till we meet again Dear Dad

Dad and me playing in our family orchestra

By Goldie Chong

Twenty one years ago on 15 June, 1995 my dad left on his final journey because he obtained his visa just in time – on his deathbed. He and I had a special bond maybe because he welcomed me into this world delivering me himself in a blackout when the Japanese were bombing Hongkong during World War II. Ever since I accepted Jesus Christ as a teenager I had been praying for him but he was preoccupied with studying all different religions.  He always insisted he had been baptized as a school boy. His motive for being baptized was he knew how to take advantage of the system: the Christian school he attended allowed the boarders to attend church on Sundays and to go home afterwards for the weekend, so he made himself a Christian.

It was 1994, at 86 when he was seriously ill that mom called all my siblings to go back to Hongkong to say goodbye I flew back from Perth. In the hospital I explained the Gospel of salvation and asked him again whether he wanted to be baptized. This time, surprisingly he said yes. God then did a wonderful transformation:   besides an obvious change in his facial appearance, he had a genuine interest in reading the bible and praying. He did not die and was even well enough to come to Perth. I asked him what made him finally accept Jesus Christ.  He replied, “Of all the religions I studied, only Jesus offered me what the others did not.”

We enjoyed his stay with us for about a year. One day he put up four fingers and said, “Four days….. I see writing on the wall but I can only see my name Renald Ching”.  After asking us several times what the words were, Tek suggested it was “Welcome, Renald Ching”  He agreed that was it.  He told us he was dying.  We asked him if he was afraid to die.  He emphatically shook his head.  He said he had no regrets, that he loved Ma and us and that he would see us again.  We read the 23rd psalm and prayed with him.  Four days later he went. There is indeed a welcome in heaven for him because he got the right visa just in time: Jesus Christ who forgave him his sins and made him fit for heaven. end48

*Adios is Spanish for farewell. Dios means I commend you to God


A Tribute to my Mother Louise

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful testimony.
    I can see the bond between father and daughter. So beautiful father and daughter playing music together.
    I too have a bond with my dad.
    Your testimony has gives me encouragement to pray for my father salvation.

  2. June 2016: Feedback from readers for:Adios*, till we meet again Dear Dad

    Thanks for sharing your story and San’s. After reading San’s story, it brought back my memory of your dad. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to play violin with your dad. Although I had only taken violin lesson for a year or two in middle school, he had me play with him and his friend one Saturday afternoon at his office. And guess what! We played Falling Leaves! I was eager to find the music sheet after reading San’s story but it may take me a while. I even have a picture of the three of us which I will attempt to look for it one day.

    Arline Lo ~ USA

  3. June 2016: Feedback from readers for:Adios*, till we meet again Dear Dad

    Thanks for reminding us about Father’s Day, which was yesterday! I wish all the fathers the best of yesterday and for the rest of the year starting from their very special day.

    I also read your message, “Adios, till we meet again Dear Dad”, and was very touching. Especially the photo of him and you in our family orchestra. That orchestra, conducted by the Italian Professor Foa made a huge impact on me as a kid, for every Saturday, people gathered in our home on Cumberland Road, ate a dinner in the garden, then got out their instruments to play Falling Leaves and the ilk. I can see the young people playing and hear the music to this day.

    This was a music loving family, and that was about 60 years ago. Those around today will remember the Ching Family Orchestra in Kowlooontong and the memories were very fond ones. In case anyone’s wondering, that house on 51, Cumberland Road is now a prestigious kindergarten, seriously educating kids to get into DGS, DBS and Lasalle College. Education is a nightmare here. Back to Fathers……

    I had not known the story of you coming into the world, delivered by Dad, and in the dark, and during a war — how dramatically interesting! Apart from learning about different religious, our dad studied all kinds of other things, including earthworms, artificial diamonds, and acupuncture and, of course, music. He played the violin, clarinet and the saxophone. We took all these things about our dad for granted. I think he was self-taught. I never knew what going to the doctor meant while he lived, for he took care of all our ailments, and we never needed to see other doctors. Until he passed away, and I realised that I was quite lost for what to do when once I experienced a long bout of diarrhea contracted from China. Only then, that I panicked a little as awareness dawned that my father was not with us anymore. OMG! Where I shall find a doctor, I said to myself. My daughter, Jacinta recommended one — very expensive, down in Central. Till then, I had not been into a doctor’s clinic other than the ones we knew where dad practiced.

    Fathers come in different shape and form. They are so needed and they provide solidity to a family. The head is the father, the Bible teaches, and many other ancient thoughts say the same. Indeed, boys learn to be fathers from being with fathers. Girls learn to be girls, also from being with their fathers. It could all be very subtle, unnoticed and unspoken, but the bond, the security a dad provides is the heritage we all carry down the ages. We think of our dads and Dad’s Day must be celebrated with all our love and appreciation.

    Sansan Ching Sweeting ~ Hongkong

  4. June 2016: Feedback from readers for:Adios*, till we meet again Dear Dad

    Thanks for your write-ups and to remind us about fathers especially our own. Strangely enough, there is no Father’s Day in Switz., only mothers’ day. So glad you were able to really make sure he accepted Christ before he went home. They are all in peaceful heaven now….a great place to be. Like your other articles too.

    Jenny Ching-Mumenthaler ~ Switzerland

  5. June 2016: Feedback from readers for: Adios*, till we meet again Dear Dad

    What a wonderful testimony of a gracious and loving Heavenly Father that we have.

    Thank you very much, Goldie for sharing this with us.


    Cheng Lai ~ Perth

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