How God blessed him with speed


Usain Bolt.

The world mass media reported about the number of Olympic gold medals he has captured and his worth of $60 million in endorsement deals. However they have tried to leave out one important fact. Although Bolt has never shied away to talk about his personal faith in the many interviews they have deliberately blocked out his loud proclamation that he is a Bible believing Christian. There are also reports or rumours about his indiscretions with women. We recognize there are always attacks against celebrities.  We pray that Usain will bring glory to God in the way he lives.

Usain Bolt Reveals How God Blessed Him With Speed To Spread The Word Of Jesus Christ

PLEASE READ: about his testimony…. "Usain Bolt Reveals How God Blessed Him With Speed To Spread The Word Of Jesus Christ"

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  1. August 2016 Feedback from readers for: Issue 20A Articles about: How God Blessed Him With Speed

    “Regarding your article about Usain Bolt, do you know there are lots of postings in the mass media about his unbecoming relationships with women? The older folks may not be aware but the younger people are.”

    Ps Patrick Chen ~ Perth

    • Thank you for expressing concern.

      As we stated in the introduction of the article, we are aware of some of the negative reporting on Bolt.

      Hopefully our article will encourage readers to pray for him that he will be protected from Satan’s attacks and live a victorious life to bring glory to God.

      The Editors

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