Count your blessings, Name them one by one

By Tek Chong

Recently we received Christmas newsletters from dear friends. Some of them are from friends of long ago. Many have beautiful stories. We have permission to post some. This one is from Ernest Lam.

My friendship with Ernest goes back many moons ago. We were members of Hong Kong University Christian Association. Earnest was studying science. He was to me the best worship leader among the many sweet singers in our christian community. He is humorous and fun. Under his leadership our voices soared in worshipping God. He is from a devout and talented christian family, his sisters were active members of our Christian Association. Below is Ernest’s Christmas newsletter. We wish more of you will share your blessings like him.

Bubbling with Thanksgiving By Ernest Lam


Janice & Ernest Lam


Cancer patients give thanks

Our working with cancer patients has taught us that every life is precious…. many incredible stories of how God reached down to rescue one after another and give them the gift of faith, hope and love in the depth of hopelessness and helplessness. In addition, He has reconciled them to become His children. In many cases, broken families were made whole and relationships reconciled. Total strangers who came to us as cancer patients have become our friends with special bonds that last. Those of us who think that we are the givers have come to experience the richness of being receivers of genuine love. We are now able to share some of the stories in video testimonies on our website (in Chinese)

Legacy passed on

The major event of the year was the special thanksgiving gathering of our family in Mississippi in July to remind ourselves of the family Christian legacy. Starting with Grandma Lam, who was widowed early with two young boys and not expected to survive in the village, God sent a Christian lady to rescue them. God entered into our family not only from my father’s side. He did it also through my maternal grandfather Wong when he was a teenager. He was kicked out of the family and his village when he decided to follow Jesus. God led him to live a full life and influenced his future generations, including me (Ernest). Through the generations, God proved to be faithful and has kept us in his love and care even when we were supposed to perish. 


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