Delivered and Healed

Witch doctors could not but Jesus can

Faiza bin Pandak from Bentong shared how he and his mother were for four months traumatized by evil spirits and fell sick, suffering vomiting spells and was near death. They sought the help of witch doctors and went through rituals of keeping fetishes and putting them all around their house. His wife Lina who is a Christian from Bukit Lanjan asked him to seek Jesus’ help. Pastor Ukong of Sg. Way Methodist Church prayed for him and he recovered and surrendered all the fetishes to be destroyed. Today they are using the new AVB (Alkitab Versi Borneo) * to have daily devotions in the family and in their cell groups. Here Faiza tells his testimony in Malay.

* Alkitab Versi Borneo is historically significant as the first formal translation Bahasa Malaysia Bible. The online version is available on , which also provides pioneering Bahasa Malaysia biblical resources based on the AVB text.

The President of the Trinity Annual Conference of the Methodist Church of Malaysia, Rev. T. Jeyakumar, says: “I have been telling many folks that while many translations speak to the mind, the AVB speaks to my heart.”   Read more on the miracle story of the The AVB Project  in


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