Leaving a lasting legacy

Wee Hian, Goldie, King Ling, Tek in London

Chua Wee Hian, our regular contributor to “Quotations” shares about

“Leaving a Lasting Legacy”

We are privileged to know the Chua’s for about 50 years and catching up every so often whenever we are in the same part of the world is always stimulating and enjoyable as we discover new perspectives, insights, visions, from interacting with them. We guarantee he is well qualified to talk about “How do we create a legacy that will outlive us? How can we pass on the baton even while we live…?” Listing the core values of a happy, healthy marriage, identifying the things that creep in to destroy relationships, becoming an agent of blessing and encouragement…. these are firsthand testimonies from someone who knows from experience. Tek & Goldie

Wee Hian is a noted international bible expositor and author. He was the first Asian to be the General Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in 1991 and was with IFES  for many years.  He was the founding pastor of Emmanuel Church, Westminster, London.  God has used him to equip and empower many leaders for His kingdom.  He is married to King Ling and they have three sons who together with their wives and children are fully committed to sharing God’s word and love in the market place and local church. The Chuas live in UK.

This DVD set of 4 discs is ideal and practical for family and small group discussions. It comes with Data Disc to download worksheets and questions for personal reflection and small group discussion.

Cost  US$28/20 English pounds (plus postage).  Please order from Chua Wee Hian at 22, Elm Quay Court, Nibe Elms Lane, London SW8 5DE.  Email: whklchua@googlemail.com


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