Rear-view mirror Keeping Safe, and Staying Safe in KL

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If you’re living in a landed property, it’s time to practice a new ‘reaching home’ habit.

When you’re 1 minute away from reaching, check your rear-view mirror for any cars or bikes behind you, even if they’re 100 meters away.

If there is a car or bike, please, take one circle around the neighbourhood, maybe 1-2 house rows from yours, while checking your rear-view mirror after every corner. Then back to your street.

If the same car or bike is still following you after you’ve made that circle, don’t go home. Head to the nearest busy street or main road immediately, or to a police station if you can.

Once you don’t see that car or bike anymore, go back home, but again, check your rear-view mirrors one last time before reaching.

These criminals’ modus operandi are quite predictable.

They drive around looking for potential targets, and start tailing when they see one. They also wait outside banks or at petrol stations, seeing who’s at the ATMs, and tail you from there. Bikers now usually travel on two separate bikes with 2 people per bike. Two to mug, two to keep watch outside. And those in cars drive decent models these days. Accords, Camrys, even Alphards, so don’t disregard them simply because they’re not low end models.

So yeah. Let’s help ourselves.

It is difficult to break our usual go-home routine. I know. But this new routine could just save us from being caught completely off guard.

KL is in a sad state where security and safety are concerned. After seeing daily roadblocks in TTDI and yet residents still get mugged and attacked at their gates in one week, it’s really getting serious.

Better to be safe than sorry.
Stay safe.


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