An idol free home

Jen Nee Lau

Without causing family friction

By Jen Nee Lau

In 2010 when I went back to my Ipoh home for Chinese New Year, I was troubled to see my mum and my sister busy preparing the prayer table where the idols were put. I believe in Jesus Christ, the only true God and felt sad that  the gods they worshipped were idols. Instead of voicing out and disrupting  the harmony and peace among family members, I decided to start to do a prayer walk around the house, in every room and every area, inside and outside the house compound. I prayed to enthrone Jesus Christ in  my family home. I claimed the house for Him and petitioned for the idols to be removed. Consequently, miracles  happened that year. My mum told me my dad  had sent away three idols because he thought it was too troublesome to take care of them. God’s ways are certainly higher than man’s ways. 

Subsequently in 2011 Chinese New Year when I visited my home, there were still  two idols remaining, one  inside and another outside the house. Again I did a prayer walk in both places declaring ” There is only one GOD to be worshipped in this house”, claiming back this house for Him  and requesting Him to remove the remaining idols.  One day my mum complained to my dad she did not want to put fresh Chinese tea in front of the idol anymore. She told him that he had two options: either he had to take over the duty or to have the idol removed from the house. My dad chose the latter.  My prayer was answered without me even having the need to talk to my parents. 

During 2012 Chinese New Year, I went home and saw one more idol left outside the house. Excitedly I again did a prayer walk inside and outside the house, claiming  the same victory  like in 2010 and 2011. What happened that year was beyond my imagination! One fine day a thief broke into my outer house compound and stole the idol. The interesting thing was,the idol was not made of gold. but clay. What would be the motive for the thief to break into a house and steal a clay statue!  Jumping and shouting with joy and thanksgiving, I see all the  idols have been removed from my house. As I obeyed God in submission, in trust, in honour of my family by not stirring up opposition or to create friction in the family, God has answered in His way. 

This is my testimony of how miraculous our God is in answering our prayer for our unsaved family members.  It is true: “He  is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.” Eph.3:20. I encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ who are in the same situation like mine to exercise faith to do prayer walks and move the hands of God to perform miracles according to HIS will.  

Jen’s passion is working with financial assets and business investments.  With an economics degree she has worked in banking, real estate, business acquisitions.  Her gifting is Christian intercession.


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