True Marriage Equality

“There is nothing homophobic about supporting traditional marriage.”
– Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

“But if you’re asking my view … I think this whole argument that it’s marriage equality is nonsense,”

​Please do not be intimidated or cowed into thinking you cannot speak up for traditional marriage and for family and for children. You can and you should. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up in the face of this attack on our society’s foundations.

Speak boldly for your children’s sake and your grandchildren’s sake. When future generations see the consequential fruit of destroying traditional marriage and teaching children to accept and try depraved sex acts in school sex-ed classes they will ask: “Why did our parents and grandparents allow this?”

​It is a bad idea. People who enter into homosexual relationships have full equality under Australian law already. They can do what they like. Over 80 pieces of legislation have already been passed to grant full equality to their relationships in the eyes of the law. They are free to enter into what ever sorts of relationships they choose with no discrimination whatsoever. That is up to them and people are generally not too worried about that.

​​But it is not marriage. Marriage is something very different. Marriage is simply a man and a woman coming together promising to remain faithful to each other at the exclusion of all others, and to build society through having children (if possible) and loving and protecting those children in the structure best designed for doing so.

​People are free to behave however they want and reap the consequences of their actions, as applies to all of us, however they are not free to impose gay sex on children, effectively grooming them to become gay or gay activists. Surely not without a fight at least.

​They are also not free to donate their blood according to the Red Cross and FDA, because it is deemed at a high risk of being contaminated with diseases which will wreak havoc on our communities. Therefore they should be required to give disclaimers in their campaigns to normalize and promote their unusual, unnatural and unhealthy sexual activity.

​Every child needs a Mum and a Dad. A man simply cannot be a mother and a woman just cannot be a father. For the sake of children and our society, marriage deserves to be preserved.

Australians should not even be asked to have to choose to change marriage. It simply is what it is. Those proposing to make the change do not even want to debate the merits of what they propose. They just want to impose it.

They have taken away valuable parliamentary time and resources over many years trying unsuccessfully to change marriage laws. They have had their say. They are the ones now forcing tax-payers to bear the cost of a plebiscite. They should do the honorable thing and concede that they already have equality and for the sake of national unity, for the sake of children, they should abandon their selfish quest.

Please tell your politicians this (see “Easily email politicians in a few minutes using the helpful links.”)


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​NOTE: For whatever reasons the reality is that the media have locked out the voice for traditional family and marriage. They refuse to run very civilized adverts stating the case for preserving something which has been the norm and a foundation of and source of good society for thousands of years. They are actively trying to silence debate on this issue and silence free speech in Australia. It is not just a debate over marriage it is also, according to an Australian Senator, a political attempt by left-wing Marxist influenced ideologues to secure control of Australia.

The only way Australians will hear the case to defend and preserve marriage and family is if YOU speak up and act. PLEASE do not delay. The anti-traditional marriage movement is gathering pace and they will be putting intense pressure on Australians to secure victory. Once we have lost our freedoms it is very difficult to regain them.

One of our Facebook posts three days ago achieved 18,000 Likes in 3 days and 59,000+ page views!!! Australians are hungry for the truth. But we do not have the money to reach the masses. Please Donate today to help us reach more Australians through social media with the balanced truth and let them decide as fully informed citizens come voting day. Time is running out.

Every child comes from and needs BOTH a mother and a father. Same-sex “marriage” intentionally keeps either a mother or a father from the child. Government should protect the child through upholding traditional marriage.

Date-stamped: 2017 August, 18. | Article Link: | Article Title: "There is nothing homophobic about supporting traditional marriage." - John Howard, former Australian Prime Minister



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