My Dad

By Adrienne Green (nee Prosser)

I Miss You Dad, Your Laughter, Smiles and Profound Sense of Humour.

It will be 2 years this September 14th that my lovely Dad passed away and went to be with the Lord.

In his last years, he often talked about the Lord in saying how God protected him in different situations and talked about Jesus. Dad loved Christmas and had immense joy putting up the nativity scene. We often got the giggles together, and got ourselves in hot water!!

I loved going out with Dad and fishing with him too.

In the last two months before Dad passed away he would say on the phone to me “always” remember that I love you Adrienne! He seemed to know he was going even though he wasn’t showing signs of bad sickness

I Praise the Lord That He Gave Me Dad, As A Father.

Reflecting about 8 years ago I was sitting in church, and suddenly had a vision of Mum and Dad. Mum walked into heaven first then Dad and as he did, he stopped turned around and gave me this big beautiful smile he looked so happy; then walked through. Mum passed away first about 4 years before Dad.

Thank you Lord for that vision as it gives me great comfort.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances at my end, I could not see my Dad after 2006. Praise the Lord for wonderful memories of a loving father and friend. 

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