A Time to Laugh October 2017

An English teacher took her young son to see Santa at the local department store. “If that is Santa Claus” he asked bewildered, “who are all the other men with white beards on the street?” Drawing from her classroom experience, she explained, “O…those are subordinate clauses.”

A group of little boys were sternly questioned by the Minister’s wife about the mysterious disappearance of fruits from her back garden. “Do you know what the Bible says about thieves?” One boy better versed in scriptures than the others, replied, “Please Ma’am. ‘Today you shall be with me in paradise.’”

Failing memory is a characteristic of pastors over 55 years of age. The Pastor of a leading church was concerned about his ability to remember names and appointments. One day whilst waking in the High Street, he noticed in the bookshop a volume entitled How To Improve Your Memory. He promptly bought it. He then put this book in the appropriate section of his library. Next to it was a book he had purchased the previous year. The title? How To Improve Your Memory.

What do call a Pastors’ Marathon? A REV RUN.

What do you call a Korean with the correct change? EXACT LEE.


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