Adventure in the Sky

Sharing the good news with a fellow passenger

By Violet Njo Dickson

Julie & Violet

It seemed so unfair at the time – I was fit and strong. I exercised well and kept myself fit. I thought I was the least likely candidate for any kind of sickness…but suddenly I was diagnosed with cancer. Looking back, I see that God works in mysterious ways and He had plans for me, as He declared, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer.29:11

And indeed, through my brush with cancer God has given me a new ministry – I’m able to witness to cancer patients as they go through their treatment. I visit them in hospitals and in their homes to pray with them and encourage them. Last year, by God’s grace, I led six patients to Jesus.

I’m really excited because I find evangelism challenging and exciting. It can happen anywhere, anytime and anyhow! God uses me if I am willing and ready.

When I first arrived in Perth from Singapore, I was a brand new six months old Christian. I attended this church called FGA Perth. In the bulletin, I noticed these 4 letters in Capitals…E1T1. I had no idea when it meant. The pastor explained it stood for Each 1 Take 1, meaning each person reach out to one person. This thought has impacted me, burdening and challenging me to share the good news to the unsaved. Evangelism is not short term – it’s not the topic of the day, it’s not the project of the week, it’s not the flavour of the month. I believe that evangelism is a way of life. It’s a long term and life-long mission and commitment to share God’s love to those who do not know Him.

This year I was beginning to feel discouraged and disappointed because there were no salvation’s.

Then it happened! It was in the skies…on a Scoots plane on the way to Singapore. Seated next to me was Ms Julie Rutherford,  27 year old lass from Scotland. She had ordered an instant cup of noodles and paid for it with an OCBC credit card. Realizing she must be from Singapore I started to make conversation with her.   She told me that she is working with the International School in Singapore. But at the moment, “I’m sad to leave because my mother has breast cancer.” My antenna went up!

“I also went through breast cancer,” I said. “Cancer is just a word. It’s not a sentence, definitely not a death sentence.” I then related to her how in 2015 I went through chemo without once feeling nausea or vomiting, putting on 4 kg because I never missed a meal.” She was curious when I told her how I prayed that the blood of Jesus would heal and cleanse me of all cancer cells. I continued, “Together with the prayers of my friends I recovered so much so that people, without knowing of my condition, remarked how radiant I looked.”

I asked her if she believed in Jesus.

“I’m a bad catholic but a good Christian,” she admitted.

“I was in the same boat. I was a very bad catholic, never went to mass, never prayed the Hail Marys…. But now I am a very good Christian….” And I explained how that happened, how I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and started to have a relationship with my Creator, getting to know Him as God, Father, Friend, Helper….

I asked her if she would re-dedicate her life to Christ and she said yes. So, I led her to say the salvation prayer. We hugged and cried with joy and I gave her my contact number and also, I told her to attend the Anglican Church in Singapore that I went to when I first became a Christian. I pray that the seed that has been sown in her will blossom like what it did in me. 

Violet is actively equipping herself with studying the Bible, attending seminars, going on mission trips and reaching out to those with the good news of Jesus’ love.

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  1. October 2017 Feedback from readers for: Issue 34 Articles about: Adventure in the Sky
    I wish to add that Ms Julie Ruthford is a 27 year old lass from Scotland.
    She is presently working in Singapore as a teacher at the International School.
    While she is very happy to work in Singapore, her heart and thoughts are in Scotland with her mother who is presently undergoing treatment for breast cancer

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