A Time to Laugh November 2017

Police Inspector: Mrs Lee, you were exceptionally brave to attack the burglar last night when he sneaked into your room.

Wife: To be honest, I didn’t know he was a burglar. I thought it was my husband returning late again.

A wealthy executive told his secretary that he did not want to have any visitors for the day. “If any one says his business is very important, just say, ‘They all say that.’” That afternoon a woman called, “I must see your boss. It’s absolutely important. I am his wife.” Without batting an eyelid, the secretary replied, “They all say that.”

A salesman was shouting enthusiastically. “Ladies and gentlemen, do you see this bottle of health tonic? I’ve sold 100,000 bottles and I have not received a single complaint. Tell me, what you make of that?” A voice came from the crowd, “Simple! Dead men tell no tales.”




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