A Mother’s Prayer

By Liu Yuge

When I was in China, although I have never stepped into a church nor read the Bible, I have a mother who is a believer for more than 20 years. She has always prayed for us children for blessing for our education, work, marriage, parenting. In every stage of my life, I have my mother’s supportive prayer and God’s care.


When I came to Perth, I lived in a house next to an unusual building. On my first day there, coming out of my house, I saw a big cross on this building. I remembered my mother telling me a building with a cross is a protestant church. I was very happy that God had wonderfully arranged for me to live right next to a church. The first time I stepped into the church I immediately felt an inner peace and joy. Thus, started my weekly visit to the church.


Gradually as I attended other church activities and meetings I began to understand the true meaning of man’s sin and God’s love. The inspirational books I had been reading had not helped to answer the troubling questions deep within me. By going to church I slowly began to realize that real blessing did not come from what I was pursuing outwardly but real peace must originate deep within my heart. I knew it was God who was giving me the insight to seek the origin of peace.


Today as I stand in front of my beloved congregation I wish to express my appreciation for the love and care shown to me by various brothers and sisters in Christ: Adriana, Yan Zhuang, Lisa Jin, Sean Kao, Pastor Wong, Jen Kai and others. They have taught me that by studying the holy bible I will know what God is saying to me. 

Yuge ‘s husband is a research scholar from China. They will be finishing their stint and returning home in a few months’ time.



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