I had an endless list

But God dealt with them all

By Jackie Paxton

I went to the doctor because I had an inflammation in my chest area. As usual I was given antibiotics, but it didn’t work. Later I saw another Christian doctor and he sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound scans. These scans revealed evidence of a 20 mm carcinoma and three other lesions and a patch of skin thickening on the right side of my breast which turned out to be one large cancerous lump, stage three.  I was referred to Sir Charles Gardner Cancer Clinic and had five biopsies and two skin biopsies initially. After which more deeper biopsies, MRI scan and tests were carried out. Mastectomy and axillary clearance surgery was scheduled for the 25th March 2013, after which chemotherapy commenced.


The six-month treatment was difficult and hard going. I lost all my hair. My nails became brittle. My bone density was affected. The chemotherapy medication was not working so I was put on a different medication. While on treatment, they also found that I had heart atrial fibrillation and lots of other side effects from the treatment.  In the middle of this roller coaster ride. God said, that He would take me through this journey. I held on to His Word and took one day at a time. That was it. Him and me.

To add to the traumatic experience of cancer, while doing gardening I stepped and tripped on the sprinkler, fell and broke my left wrist.  Then in the same year, I fell off a chair at home while putting up Christmas decorations. I broke my right wrist, shattered my shoulder bone, and splintered the end bone, resulting in necessitating a plate in the wrist and metal in the top of my arm to hold the shoulder together. I had to stay in an old people’s home for six weeks. That was four years ago. Amazingly I got the all clear from the surgeon with the breast cancer. I was feeling great all around. Even my bone density had improved, which doesn’t always happen. I was on a high!

But then  in August 2017,  skin cancer was discovered on the side of my nose and eyebrow. The cancer was removed, and skin graft done with plastic surgery. Around that time an ultrasound was also done on my abdomen. Unfortunately, it revealed shocking news. I had liver cancer. The breast cancer had spread to the liver and the P.E.T scan revealed a bigger tumour. It had wrapped itself around the blood vessels of the liver. Radiation was suggested, but with all the problems I have had with pass treatments, it was not recommended. So, a biopsy of the liver was taken, and it proved that the breast cancer had spread. So, a decision was made that light chemo was my best option.

The cancer was terminal. Without treatment I would only have a few months to live. To have some form of quality of life, I agreed to have the oral chemotherapy treatment: three doses per month with one week off. Even though the medication was the mildest they could offer, I had horrendous side effects and had to stop. Then a low dose of chemo intravenously treatment was offered. This caused infection in lower bowel and I ended up in Royal Perth hospital for four days.  I continued the treatment, but things got much worse, to the point that my quality of life was zero. Finally, I said, Lord, it’s just going to be you and me from here on. I have had enough I decided to stop all medical treatment.

But remarkably from then on, I started feeling better and grew stronger. I went back and saw my oncologist and told her that I have decided not to proceed with any more chemo treatment. Obviously, she was concerned. I was given two months to further think about having treatment. But my mind was made up. From here on, it’s just God and me!


I went to healing meetings at Christ Embassy Church.  My son’s church, Zion Praise Harvest prayed for me.  My own church and plenty of others prayed for me. We were on the roll!

After two months I went back to my oncologist. She could not believe how well I looked! My spirit was high! My heart thankful! My attitude focused on victory!  The blood results spoke for itself. Cancer markers were the lowest they had ever been. And the liver was great! Praise be to God! I was dancing inside!

In the natural I didn’t think I was going to be around for my 80th birthday or celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. But here I stand!

New Year 2018! On the 5th of January, I went back to my oncologist to testify that my God heals! She took one look at the blood test results and exclaimed, “the markers have dropped dramatically -the lowest it’s ever been. Liver is excellent! Body and abdomen no problems”. Amazed she finally said, “I want to keep seeing you like this for years to come”.  And she gave me a hug. She was glad to be proven wrong. I am going to keep going back every three months, just to prove, that my God heals!  

Jackie keeps active after her retirement by going on short-term mission trips to Indonesia, Thailand, India, etc.  She is on the healing team in her home church Without Walls Church, Perth.  She preaches and teaches whenever she is invited.




  1. February 2018 Feedback from readers for: Issue 37 Articles about: I had an endless list

    This story is so incredible and such an encouragement! God was without a doubt with you. Seriously, this has put such a smile in my heart and on my face.
    Thank you for sharing and I pray for your continued health!

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