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Even If I Didn’t Pray?

By Goldie Chong

I always believed and practised what the bible said in Phil.4:6 ‘’do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.’’ But what if I didn’t pray, forgot or didn’t realize I should pray?  Will God answer?


The main aim of going to Melaka in August was to attend the Chong family reunion to celebrate Tek’s sister Ming’s 80th birthday. Included in the weekend’s activities was a satay party to be held in the garden under a rented pavilion. Tek’s brother Tart who lives in Melaka was tasked with getting a satay man to come to barbecue the satay in the home.

He tried hard but two days before the event no shop was willing to come even when we ordered 1000 sticks.  That day we led a Bible Study in our good friend Chui Peng’s ladies’ group and afterwards went to lunch at Wings Centre for Youths with Special Needs.

Since they were fundraising and having given up the idea of getting satay we ordered curry, noodles, etc. instead for the party. Then someone happened to mention they knew of a satay shop.  After several phone calls to locate it, to our joyful relief, this shop agreed to take our business.

It turned out that their satay was delicious and cheaper than the other shops too! And I didn’t even pray about it since it was not my responsibility to get satay.  God said, ‘’before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.’’ Isa.65:24 Wow!


I usually take enough medicine for my high blood pressure and leg cramps for the days we are away but I found I had miscalculated so I ran out of calcium tablets. In the past Chui Peng had given me her unused calcium so I casually asked if she had any more.  The next day she gave me a whole bagful – because she decided to reduce her own daily intake (probably against her doctor’s advice?)  Again, before I called God answered and  prepared Chui Peng’s cache.


I looked at my wristwatch and found that it had stopped.  I bought a new battery for R10.  This happened the day before we were to return to Perth.  Imagine my chagrin if I had to buy a new battery after we left Melaka.  It would have cost AUD$10! God again answered before I even knew to call.


Bachang, the nonya type is a special Melaka product. We had been given some by our friend Margaret in the past and they were especially tasty. So, we wanted to order some to take to London for our daughter Lisal.

I emailed Margaret with the order but received no reply. One night having dinner with Rosalind to meet Ruth from Singapore she mentioned that Ruth’s bachang order was ready.  Hearing this I decided to order the same.  Good thing I did because the next day I discovered Margaret never received my email!  It turned out that the bachang I got was much appreciated by Lisal, it was so delicious. So now we know another source of this scrumptious dumpling.


Lisal asked Cristal to buy pineapple tarts to take to London.  It was too late to order from the usual maker, so Cristal decided to just get them from the market. (It is believed that pineapple tarts must be made by reliable authentic nyonys).

When Kit Peng came to visit that morning, what did she bring but homemade pineapple tarts!  Of course, we thanked God and her for the unexpected welcome gift. It’s wonderful Lisal got all the best goodies from Melaka.


I usually carry a small weighing machine on my travels. I used it several times to weigh different people’s luggage and especially the Asian Beacon magazines which different people were carrying back to Perth for me.  When we were packing on the last day before going back to Perth I couldn’t find the machine.  Praying fervently and looking everywhere and trying to remember where I could have put it produced no result.  I was resigned that I would have to get a new one.  All of a sudden, I looked in the bag that I had left outside with the Asian Beacon and there it was in the side pocket! What a relief!  And at the last moment too!

So, whether I prayed or didn’t pray in different situations, God is merciful and good, and I give thanks to Him. But  I must be careful to avoid making God out as a rich benevolent uncle dispensing miraculous gifts whenever I need help.  True, He is generous but my faith ultimately rests on who He is whether He gives or withholds because He is Almighty God who knows best.



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  1. October 2018 Feedback from readers for: about: Anything and Everything ISSUE 43

    Hi Goldie, Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimonies in the article above. More importantly, I thank you for your reminder : “He is generous but my faith ultimately rests on who He is whether He gives or withholds because He is Almighty God who knows best”. Yes and Amen. He is the Alpha and the Omega!

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