Let the redeemed of the Lord say this…

Some phrases from sermons stick in my mind even after 50 + years, one of which was from Rev. Elkanah Suwito of Wesley Methodist Church when we lived in Melaka in the 1960’s. My Quiet Time recently reminded me of what he said about the need of those who have experienced God’s goodness to testify about it: ”Let the redeemed of the Lord say this…’’ Ps.107:2


By Goldie Chong

We needed to go to KL from Melaka to attend the PLKM reunion (Pusat Latihan Kristen Melaka, our bible school in Melaka of which Tek was the Chairman.

It was the precursor of Malaysia Bible Seminari English dept.) and was wondering what form of transport we should take – book a door-to-door private car,  taxi,  bus, etc.?

When we heard Tek’s brother Tart was driving to KL we thought how wonderful to get a lift with him.

But unfortunately, he needed to go by Wednesday early morning and we still had a meeting until after lunch.

It was good he took two of our bags so that we would travel light whatever travel mode we took.

   PLKM reunion in Kuala Lumpur 12.1.19
Back: Peck Chu, Un Hui, Lay Hua (hostess) Barnabas, Rose, Tony, Dicky, Chin Kaw, Swee Ling
Front: Lydia, Soon Choy, Tek, Goldie

We continued anxiously asking about the best way to get to Lay Hua’s house(where we were going to stay), after we get off the bus – which station, LRT, MRT, taxi, Grab, etc. Somehow after numerous tries we still couldn’t get our Grab to work.

Then we thought of asking Lay Hua if anyone from Melaka was going to her house for the PLKM reunion. How glad we were when she said Lam Chin Kaw and Swee Ling were going. So, they gave us a lift – door to door service, all worries solved!

Secret desires

High tea at the Majestic Hotel

I was praying for two things without telling anyone and waiting for God to provide.  One was a one-page calendar for 2019. Usually Broadway Pharmacy in Perth  gives these free but not this year.  I was sure God would give me a free one. And He did! When we met up with Miss Tay our accountant, she gave me one. Wish granted. 

My second wish was to go for high tea at a high-class hotel. Unexpectedly Josephine Au who we did not want to bother on this trip because her father was ill, suddenly asked if we were free for tea.

Imagine my delight when she took us to the famous Majestic Hotel on Jalan Bunga Raya.  We always associated this old hotel as a run-down low budget joint because in the 1960s we passed it every day when Jasmine our second daughter went to kindergarten a few doors away. 

Now YLT has bought it over and renovated it to a top-class boutique hotel that charges R500 a night.

Their high tea is like the famous one in Peninsula Hotel in HK.  I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of attractive Malaysian and western cakes arranged on a beautiful three-tier plate. So I “give thanks to the Lord for He is good…..” for granting me the desires of my heart, unspoken but known to the Lord.  

After this issue was already posted, I got a better calendar, one which has more space for all my activities.  It happened that while visiting some house-bound friends we were sharing about how good God was in giving me the calendar. Jola got up, went to her room and came out with a new calendar still in wraps. This was actually what I really needed! As if this was not enough blessing for one day, when we were leaving Jola produced two jars of face moisturiser, one for me and one for Cristal our daughter.  How did she know that I had planned to go to the shop to buy a new jar as I had just finished mine just that day?  She didn’t, but God did!  So how can I not recount these blessing and give Him thanks.




  1. February 2018 Feedback from readers for: about: Let the redeemed say this. ISSUE 45

    Thanks God for giving little things to Goldie. It was surprise
    for everybody—- Finger of God. The prove, that is God
    Loving us.
    Thank You Goldie and Tek
    with Cristal at our Home.
    God bless

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