Scalded By Hot Water

We met Sue and Danny in KL and was surprised they had just gone to Perth to speak in different Methodist churches including our Kingsway Methodist Church. Unfortunately, we did not meet them in Perth, but it was a divine appointment that we met them in KL and heard their many marvellous testimonies, one of which was how their daughter was…


By Sue Pang

It was eight years ago when Hannah was 15 months old, wearing only diapers because it was a hot day, just learning to walk, unsteady, toddling along. I was busy cooking lunch and had just boiled a kettle of water for soup which I put on the table.

I didn’t see her approach the dining table which was a bit shaky. Hannah knocked against the table and the kettle tipped over, spilling the hot water all over her, from her head to the side of her body.

Terribly scalded, her skin turned red.

She was so shocked she could not even cry.

Horrified I rushed her to the bathroom where I doused her in cold water. I could only utter, ‘’God please help!’’

After a few minutes the redness began to disappear.

Then she started to giggle.

I knew then that God had heard my prayer and that she was all right. I observed her for two hours and saw that she was none the worse from the ordeal.

There was not even a blister on her!

God had performed a miracle as such scalding usually takes 6-8 months to heal. 



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