Are you Spreading Perfume?

By Tek Chong


I was visiting Goldie every day while she was hospitalised for her post-stroke management. In Australia private patients are not required to wear hospital-issued garb so she insisted on changing her clothes every two days, giving me clear instructions on what clothes to bring from home. It was at that time that I came across the delightful verse:  God uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God…….2 Cor.2:14,15

Goldie was actually  following these instructions. Yes, she was a patient with a post-stroke syndrome ….. her right limbs movement were in-coordinated  and she had to undergo intensive physiotherapy. But she  realised she is also under a missional assignment. She is to bear witness for Jesus everywhere she goes even in a hospital ward. She avoided playing the sick role or even to look sick. As a result, many people commented on how well she looked!

An abundant life is not only a life of holiness in our behaviour and relationships with others but like the healed demoniac, “they found the man …. sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind.” Lk. 8:35.

So a Christian is one who is saved from a previous undisciplined life and shows transformation not only mentally, emotionally, spiritually but also physically. Therefore, we should live clean, behave clean, dress and smell clean.


Recently I read a book Satan you cannot have my Family. The writer Iris Delgardo gave very wise and practical advice.  She recounted as a young wife, she made up her mind to be attractive in her appearance.

She determined to get up one hour before her husband. First, she spent time to clean herself. Put on her makeup. Comb her hair. Select an appropriate dress, then made herself a nice breakfast. Did her quiet time with her God.

Thus, she was ready to meet her day. She said it was not easy to do so every day. But she felt she was being obedient to the Lord to make herself as a sweet attractive representative of her Master first to her family.

I believe this advice should be a must in all marriage classes in church.

Goldie ‘s comment: not only do I need this reminder, but I told Tek he is not exempted.




  1. Totally agree that getting up and looking good for the day to greet the world is so uplifting.

  2. What a lovely couple you both look in matching purple stripes!!
    The colour purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, dignity, creativity, devotion and peace.
    That’s what you both represent.

    That’s why I love purple…’s also my name….hehehehe;)
    With love and blessings
    Ian & Violet

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