What is your response to the birth of this Baby?


They were doing their usual job that night, whiling away the long hours with lying around, telling jokes, snoozing…when suddenly they were terrified to see an angel appear in the sky. The angel said something even more startling – a baby who is the Saviour, Christ the Lord is born in a manger. Confirmation followed by a host of angels praising God. “Let’s go to Bethlehem to look for this baby” they decided. When they saw for themselves exactly as the angel said, they also praised God. Then they went to spread this news around and all who heard it were amazed.


The academics of Eastern University consisting of the professor of astrology, the associate professor of knowledge and the PhD whose thesis was prophecy decided to undertake the long trip to Jerusalem to ask the king where the Christ was born. Overjoyed at having a star to guide them, they came to the exact place where the child was. They bowed down, presented their gifts and worshipped Him.


Business; was booming and the hotel was overflowing but when he saw the poor pregnant girl, he took pity on her and embarrassingly suggested, “if you don’t mind, you can shelter in the stable. It’s all I have to offer and so sorry, I haven’t had time to clean it”. Business boomed even more after he changed his hotel name to Hotel Immanuel with a plaque underneath “God with us”. He raised prices and included a tour of the stable.

How do you respond to the birth of this Baby?

Like the hotel keeper who used Christmas to increase his own interests?
Like the intellectuals who researched, found Him then bowed down and worshipped Him?
Like the ordinary folks who encountered Jesus face to face, praised God and spread the good news to others?

Your Response Will Make A Difference In Eternity because this Baby will come back one day as the Lord and King to rule on this earth!




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