I have many Daddies

Love, encouragement, mentoring from the men in my life

by Nancy Yu

Remembering daddy
I look like my dad – when we smile, our eyes cannot be seen. Daddy showed me unconditional and relentless love. Even though he knew it was about his time to say goodbye to this world, he refused to let mummy ask me to go back to Hong Kong because I was about to start a new job here in Perth. Later when he became unconscious, to the nurses’ amazement he was still able to eat because mummy told him that I was flying back and coming home soon.

I am not an academic person, not smart at all, yet daddy had so much faith in me that I could get an accountant licence one day. Usually, people can complete the whole course within three years but for me, just one single paper with only 10% failing rate, it took me three years. Sometimes while I hear all the great testimonies of how God blessed, I would ask in my heart, “God, when is my turn?’’ Or, ‘’God can I give up now?’’ And God simply replied, “Daughter, do a stocktake – count your blessings.”

Besides daddy, God has blessed me with many other “fathers” who continue to shape and mould my character and bring me to where I am today. First; of all, I have Ps Patrick as my spiritual dad, replying my messages instantly even at 3 am sometimes. He gave me the opportunity to look after the church accounts even though I was not the best candidate for the position.

Another father alike is my boss Stanley at work, who constantly makes sure I am not hungry, bringing me to nice places to eat every now and then. And makes sure I am not grumpy, allowing me to fly off for a total of 3 months every year so that I can go for holiday and recharge.

After seven years, motivated by daddy’s hope in me, plus all; of the support and encouragement of my spiritual daddies and church family, I was granted the accountant licence. The seemingly impossible dream has come true. To show my gratitude I will serve God through serving His people, whenever and however possible, not forgetting to return 10% of my income through the church’s tithes and offerings. I can confidently say that God has never short-changed me nor forsaken me when I was in need because I am one of the recipients of His goodness.

Nancy originates from Hongkong and is working as an accountant in Perth. She serves in church as the timekeeper to check that everybody does not go overtime in the Sunday service. She is someone whom all participants fear.



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  1. Hi Nancy, I’m so surprised and happy finding your article in Goldie’s newsletter here.
    Do you go to Patrick’s church at Curtin University?
    I still have not done my last year’s tax return as well as my parents’ CGT when they sold their investment property in 2014.
    Procrastination and duty of looking after my parents who are in their 90’s have been my excuses of the delays.
    I’ll give you a call soon to discuss my tax returns due date.

    Kind regards

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