Who do I really put first, Myself or…?

By Yogi Yung Ping See

It was a new financial year and it’s time to lodge my tax returns. When I first got my income tax statement, I first looked at how much is my earning, next is to see how much ATO took and then I’ll calculate how much I have tithed for the year.

The tithe is 10% of your earnings, and offering is anything above and beyond the tithe. So after I calculated the amount I found I was 17% about 2 months SHORT of what I was supposed to give.

How did it happen?

Bills, bills, bills

My car was due for service, also my rego was due soon. [God, I will make up this week’s tithe next week.]

It’s in winter. My house gutters need to be cleaned. If I don’t get it done there will be leakages, maybe my roof will be damaged or even collapse. [Sorry God, can you please put my tithe on the tab?]

I need to get the electrician to fix the exposed wiring in the garden, if not there could be electrical shock or fire then my house will be burned down.  Oh, since I’m getting the electrician, I might as well get him to change my wall lights and replace my walk-in wardrobe downlight and install a new double point there. When the bill came, it was $500++!!! [Sorry God, I have; to pinch from you again.]

Browsing airasia.com, Wah, got a cheap flight, must book now if not later price goes up! Interest rate drop, we need to put more money into the loan! Think about the compounding effect, the more we put the money in now, the less we need to pay in future! And many many more excuses….

Who’s first?

See, my problem is my priorities!

I have put my security, comfort and luxury first before God. I often forgot that what I have today is not all by my might.

Everything is actually; given by my Abba Father. I realize that I should not give God money because He needs it but rather because it teaches me to put God first above all else.

So today I will make a commitment to make God my number one, starting with tithing.  I will seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to me as well. Therefore, I will not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Matt.6:33. God is aware of my financial situation and He will provide for me.

Yogi is from Alor Setar, Malaysia and works as a bookkeeper.  She came from a non-believer family and has not heard about Jesus until she came to Perth for her tertiary education. She accepted Christ in 2012 in Zion Praise Harvest. From a well-to-do family, well pampered and had not experienced any hardship, life was smooth sailing, but she was never satisfied. She kept searching for people’s acceptance, feeling empty and lonely. Her first encounter with God was when Ps Philip Lyn of Sabah’s Skyline Church preached on Romans 8 – nothing can separate us from God’s love.  She felt so loved by Him that she decided to dedicate her life to Him.



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