Raising Children in the Faith

Dear Goldie,  My husband is a pastor and we live in the parsonage –  a fishbowl environment subjecting us to scrutiny by sometimes critical church members. Our children can’t help but see how we are sometimes treated unpleasantly and unfairly. We are very concerned that this negative influence will turn them against God. More… Continue Reading


Is it Time to Go Full-Time?

Dear Goldie, I’m a Doctor in my 50’s. Of late, God has been impressing on me to serve Him more. Im not sure whether I should go to Bible School, become a full time pastor, continue to practise medicine and take up more responsibilities in the church, or what? How much should my circumstances, e.g. finances and family, effect my decision? More… Continue Reading


Migration – How Do You Decide

Dear Goldie, My Family has been contemplating migrating for various reasons but we cannot come to an agreement about when and where to go, whether my wife should go with the children (I still have my business here), how to release our church responsibilities (I’m a cell leader), and other family responsibilities (I’m partly supporting my parents). It seems such a big decision, so where do we start? Signed: Apprehensive

Dear Apprehensive, Continue Reading