Theology for Laymen

Parthe* – what?

Professor Aw Swee Eng is a medical scientist who was Director of Nuclear Medicine of Singapore University. He  currently still teaches a very well attended Sunday school in Wesley Methodist Church Singapore. Here using the literary tool of questions &… Continue Reading


If there is God, who made Him?

Dr Aw Swee-Eng, M.B., B.S., Ph.D. (London), FRC Path., MIBiol. (London)   was Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Singapore until 1978. He is now head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Director of Clinical Research at Singapore… Continue Reading


Six Days or Billions of Years?

Yeo Teck Thiam studied and specialized in perfumery & olfactory senses. Now retired, he keeps up his unusual life-long interest, studying the stars and physical universe as God’s creation. He has written many articles on this subject, mainly kept in… Continue Reading

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Chats with Uncle Loh

Table of Contents Chapters 01. If there is God, who made Him? 02. Why does a good God allow evil? 03. Thank goodness 04. A mango is a mango… 05. You be the judge 06. Parthe-what? 07. Safely saved 08. Looking for meaning in life 09. Thinking over reincarnation… Continue Reading


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