Issue – 25

A Word from Goldie Jan. 2017

While in Melaka recently…

We met two Pakistani Christian refugee families who are stuck in Malaysia waiting for their application to the UNHCR for resettlement. 

Because of our personal contact with them and hearing their sad stories and having done some research and investigation we feel we should do what we can to speak up for these Christian Pakistani refugees and possibly others like them.

We hope by raising awareness of this persecuted minority Christian group the Christians in Australia will do something about this window of opportunity in Australia which can shorten the waiting time if a Humanitarian Visa is granted to them.

We feature in this issue our personal encounters with these families and include some additional information documented by reliable sources.


One by One

We can’t help all but we can help one or two

By Tek Chong

We were in Melaka in Wesley Methodist Church when we were introduced to S.G. who told us that after fleeing from Pakistan he and his family have been stuck in Malaysia
waiting for the result of his application for resettlement from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  (UNHCR). The waiting time would be several years unless he has a proposer from Australia to sponsor him. After much inquiries of what the responsibilities of a proposer were, we sent in our application to propose him. True enough within a few months his application was processed but we were disappointed – he was rejected. We are planning the next step of appeal.


My plight as a Refugee Family

By A Christian Pakistani Refugee: 

Again in Melaka we met another Pakistani Christian refugee family with three children. They documented their experiences and why they had to leave their home and country. We are waiting to see how the first case goes before we get a proposer for them. Read more…..


The persecution of Pakistan Christians

Faith McDonnell who reports on persecuted Christians all over the world points out specific accounts of how Pakistani Christians in Pakistan are disadvantaged, victimized, oppressed and persecuted by the Islamist and Taliban just because they are Christians. Read more…..

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Christian lawyers battle Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws

Christians accused of different aspects of blasphemy if found guilty can be punished by death. Their family, local Christian community and legal team, are at risk of vigilante violence.  Even if acquitted or the charges are dropped,  zealous Muslims will still try to kill the blasphemer. Usually this means that anyone accused under the laws has to leave their neighborhood forever. Read more…..



BBC documentary on Pakistani Christians in Bangkok

A BBC investigation has found that Thailand, a country known for its hospitality to tourists, routinely arrests and detains asylum seekers. Read more…..



Complaint of discrimination of UNHCR in Bangkok against Christians

A group of plaintiffs who have investigated specific cases have submitted a complaint to UNHCR. But will action will be taken?  Read more…..

For more information on Pakistani Christians : google Pakistani Christians fleeing persecution

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“Leaving a lasting legacy” 1-spacer

 by By Chua Wee Hian

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“How do we create a legacy that will outlive us? How can we pass on the baton even while we live…?”
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“Chua Wee Hian’s Thoughts for 2017
Plus January’s Quotations

by By Chua Wee Hian

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Does it matter who is used?
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Who is my neighbor?
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2017 Resolutions
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Delivered and Healed