Issue – 26

A Word from Goldie Feb. 2017 Issue – 26

We were away in Malaysia from 17 Jan. to 20 Feb…

Our main reason for the trip is to attend the Asian Beacon planning seminar and re-launch the magazine after a stoppage of one and a half years.

The hardworking new committee under Mr Tan Yoke Tee and editor Mr Goh Chee Beng brought out the new issue 48/1. 

Please have a look in the Asian Beacon Facebook.

We spent most of our time in Melaka, Tek’s hometown where we reconnected with precious old friends and meeting new interesting ones.  Tek shares his adventures in “Here I Am in Melaka Again” and I relate the lessons I learnt in “Our Malaysia Trip”.


Here I Am in Melaka Again

By Tek Chong

Many things have changed but good friends are still the good friends we love Read more…..


Our Malaysia Trip

By Goldie Chong
God is teaching us all the time.
It is up to us to learn the lessons Read more…..


The Doubles Club
by Yuen Wee Mee

How several graduate couples prepared for the greatest adventure of their lives Read more…..

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Teas the Word?
[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”…v05. ” direction=”ltr” shadow=”true”]
Save a wet Mobile?
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The Bright Side
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Waters Good For Us