Issue – 27

A Word from Goldie March. 2017 Issue – 27

Following my story of connecting our Filipino helper in Melaka with a mentor (as a result of a divine meeting in a ladies’ bible study), I am glad to report the two ladies  are meeting regularly for bible study and prayer. I remember introducing at least five of our own and our relatives’ helpers  to the Lord in our sojourn in different countries when we had maids.  We still keep in touch with them till today and they are still walking with God. We start a new feature to recount the testimonies of employees whose employers shared the good news with them, nurturing them to be witnesses in different corners of God’s vineyard, following Paul exhortation,  masters treat your slaves (servants in general) in the same way… know That He Who is both their Master and yours is in heaven”… Eph.6:9  See From Maid to Missionary.  We need to be careful that in some countries where there is a law against proselytising one has to be wise in inviting maids to a public church meeting. They are allowed to be in meetings as carers for their cared persons.


After attending a seminar on “Caring for the environment” a few years ago,  I became a passionate believer of re-use, recycle, reduce and an avid practitioner of re-using takeaway plastic boxes, saving shower water for flushing toilets, reducing the use of plastic shopping bags, etc. A satisfying hobby was to make a home composter to fertilize my chillies, tomatoes, chives. No egg shells, vegetable cuttings, banana peels, etc. go to waste. Patrick Loo an agronomist, a retired agriculture lecturer, starts a new feature to teach about Home Gardens.  It should benefit not only the environment but give us pleasure to eat the healthy fruit of our labours.

Overcoming her handicap of a Wheelchair bound Olympian Nu is A Person I Admire enthuses Ai Hiong.

It proves that with the right attitude, great feats can be achieved by overcoming obstacles.

Dixie and I were teen-age friends when we lived in the same neighbourhood in Hong-Kong and learnt the cello together with the same Russian teacher who scolded us to tears on different occasions. Our interest in writing has brought us together again, she as editor of her Singapore church Fishers Magazine and me in Asian Beacon. A career woman, a biochemist by training, a wife, mother, grandmother, deaconess, she has much experience in dealing with all aspects of Relationships.  We reprint  part One.

Having been to Israel we firmly believe it is a place which every believer will be impacted by a new understanding of Jesus’ person and teaching. In the Global Gathering in Jerusalem, our old family friend  Mary , a PH D linguist, recounts her observations of this memorable event which is a wonderful vicarious experience for us who were not there.




From Maid to Missionary

By Jane Bibal

Singaporean Christian employers who sowed the seed and reaped the harvest Read more 




Home Gardens 
By Patrick Loo.
Why I do composting – benefits all round 


Overcoming her Handicap
By Sim Ai Hiong.
Crippled in the Vietnamese war she reached the Olympics
Read more




Relationships: God’s Precious Gift
by Dr. Dixie Chua
What is the source of good relationships 
Read more 


Global Gathering in Jerusalem
By Dr. Mary Tay
In humility she prepared to meet God in Israel Read more …



A Time to Laugh
by Chua Wee Hian
Why do couples fight? Living or Dying Before & After
Read more 


Quotes Quoted!
By Chua Wee Hian
2017 we are posting not only his quotes but his commentary and thoughts on different issues. Read more …

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