Issue – 31

A Word from Goldie  July 2017 Issue – 31

  We must admit we are not technology savvy. Our blog webmaster is Gary Green who retired from his pastoral duty because his immunological system was damaged by dioxin. On his retirement, Gary volunteered to help a West Australian website Churchinperth which features news and activities of Perth churches. The sponsor of this informative site is a well-respected senior Christian elder, Timothy Tay, the CEO of a reputable computer company in Perth.  Tim introduced us to Gary to help us start and manage our Deargoldie website. Gary patiently guided us step by step through the process. We want to record publicly our thanks for his labour of love, treating our blog as his ministry for God.

  In our trip to Melaka in April we spoke on “It only takes a spark” in Gateway Church pastored by our long-time friend Ps Moses Tay.  The topic was on how Tek’s sister Sian a quiet, timid girl who became the first Christian in the family prayed faithfully for the rest of the family, amidst teasing and ridicule, eventually praying them all into the Kingdom.

Before the main church service there was an adult bible study where Tay Bee Hong, Moses’ sister led a discussion. Impressed by the way she led we talked to her afterwards and found out she was the first child of the Tay family to become a Christian. 

From her, the whole family of ten siblings and their parents became Christians.  They with the third generation now serve in the church, two of them as pastors. 

We urged her to write her story.

The Tay family recently came to Perth to give their eldest sister a surprise birthday celebration.  They stayed with us and Bee Hong handed us her story, “A Spark which set the whole family burning”.

  We were going to Cambodia and were introduced to a recently retired principal in Melaka who joined our team to train the Cambodian teachers.

After this first trip Lee Bun Chuan returned to Cambodia several times to render more help.  

Having known him more and more each time we went back to Melaka we found out his interesting background so got him to record his journey of faith where he testified “I am not disappointed” with God who never let him down.

  Chua Wee Hian’s Notes & Quotes came after a speaking tour to Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore with many remarkable testimonies of God working in individuals. Most unusual was his three-generational preaching, sharing and interacting with his son and grandson on the pulpit, demonstrating the wonder of generational blessings. 

  The Market Place Forum provoked many varied comments on giving advice to the Christian whose colleague, another Christian who took away his business. We have a new case where an enthusiastic Christian boldly witnesses in his office, attracting ‘persecution’.

How would you advise him? Please comment.

 Recently we heard several friends who came to Perth to visit their children who are studying here, holidaying or on business have stayed in Airbnb accommodation instead of hotels.

We know two families who have recently started to do Airbnb in Perth also, so we would like to recommend them and hope you can try them.

Friendships may form from these connections.
1: Fremantle Charmer – the ideal family Retreat Hosted by Ian & Violet Dickson
2: Cosy Home near Fremantle, Beach, Shops and Parks Hosted by Jeremy.

  Feedback is important for us to know if we are meeting the aim of our website: to connect with friends far and near and to share what is on our heart and mind at this season of our lives.  Please take a look at the Feedback feature and drop us a short line. We appreciate your taking the trouble.



. One young girl prayed the whole family into the Kingdom
. By Tay Bee Hong
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. I was not disappointed
. From a youth with inadequacies, poor self-image, fearful to headmaster
. By Lee Bun chuan
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Wee Hian Feature 01. NOTES & QUOTES
. The Chuas share generational blessings from three generations
. By chua Wee Hian
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. Lai Yon
. Advice for Lai Yon to deal with Christian colleague who took away his business
. By Readers
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. See Kow
. New case of See Kow who wonders why he is persecuted for his faith.
. By Editorial Team
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. AirBnB
. Visiting Perth, need accommodation?
. See what our friends have to offer
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. Never stop laughing its medicine to the soul…
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