Issue – 35

A Word from Goldie                                November 2017 Issue – 35

Highlights of our Malaysian trip     (15-31 Oct 2017 ) 


Lt: Cristal, Lisal, Jasmine


Our three daughters, one from China, one from London and one from Perth wanted to have a get-together.

They invited us to join them.

We were all free for a week in October to meet in Melaka where they were born.

Without their spouses and kids, we spent time talking, sharing, discussing, praying, bonding, eating, shopping, laughing……

We had a wonderful, edifying and enjoyable time.

One of our girls was having some difficult relationship problems so we all prayed together for her and strategized how to overcome them. We also decided to arrange a time to have synchronize prayer together for our families and ministries in different parts of the world.


On Sunday instead of going to church Tart’s family and our family gathered to sing, worship and share about how our faith ensures a secure future not only while on earth but into eternity

Standing: Cristal, Tart (Tek’s brother), Jasmine, Lisal
Seated: Kim Mei (Tart’s wife), Wan Yin (90-year-old aunty), Goldie, Tek

Dinner with Tart’s family

Standing: Jasmine, Cristal, John (Tart’s son), Lisal, Weiling (Kuoh Ren’s wife) Seated: Goldie, Kim Mei, Tart, Tek, Kuoh Ren (Tart’s son)


Recently we visited Bentong where Tek’s cousin Chin Yean Leong who is a retired headmaster and church elder lives. On this trip we arranged a dinner with his family in Kuala Lumpur. It was wonderful to meet all his family members for the first time. 

Dinner with the Chin family

Standing: En Tek, Timothy, Constance, En Ai. | Seated: Yean Leong, Tek, Goldie, Siow Hong


We make it a point to meet up with our long-time friends from church: Chui Peng, Rosalind and Susan. See Susan Yap’s story in this issue  “Life Goes on without him”  about how she is coping with widowhood. Read More

Seated: Chui Peng, Rosalind, Susan


Every day we pray that God leads us to meet people who we can minister to and who can edify us. Here are some divine appointments.

While in Melaka four different friends at separate times in different places within four days told us about a young man who has a writing gift. I said I will try to connect with him. Imagine our delight when we met him unexpectedly in person in the church where we were speaking. We were about to leave when Ps Goh Lee Neo called a young man to come forward from the back of the church.  Asking us to pray for him she said he has a wonderful testimony after attending the youth camp.    Somehow, I sensed this was the person our friends were talking about, so I immediately addressed him, “are you Joshua?” I asked him to send me his testimony. Read his story “Out of darkness” in this issue. 


After sharing on Saturday in Pastor Moses Tay’s Gateway Church, Eddie the worship leader pulled us aside saying, “the church you are speaking tomorrow is grieving because four bright teenagers from the school they sponsor in Sabah were killed in a car accident.”  So, we felt to speak on how death can take us at any time and whether we know where we are going after we leave this world.  I told the story of Einstein riding on the train when the conductor came to inspect tickets. When Einstein could not find his ticket the conductor said, “never mind Dr Einstein, I know who you are.  I am sure you have a ticket.”  When he turned back at the end of the carriage he saw Einstein still searching for his ticket.  He repeated, “Dr Einstein, don’t worry.  I know who you are.”  Whereupon Einstein replied, “Yes I know.  But I still need my ticket to see where I am going.” We said that while we grieve with the families of those young lives, yet we have assurance that they are in Heaven with their Saviour Jesus.  Pastor Goh Lee Neo then urged those who wanted to be sure they are going to heaven to get their passports.  Several came forward to make sure. 


Following the meaningful and enjoyable event we had with our youth in Full Gospel Assembly in Perth, we held a similar one in Melaka with old friends in Wesley Methodist church which we attended for 16 years.  Enjoying wonderful close fellowship, we were encouraged to see they are still serving faithfully, going on mission trips, visiting the needy, reaching out in their golden years.


After 52 years of marriage I still find it is not easy to “submit to husband as to the Lord”. In Kuala Lumpur Tek wanted to buy some books from the SUFES Bookshop run by a friend Rev Wong Kheng Wook. Seeing that he needed our hostess Lay Hua to drive him there I was against his troubling her, giving reasons why he should not go.  He went anyway.

I was having my devotions at that time reading from Word for Today. These words jumped out, “don’t be so easily upset”.  That helped to calm me down. So, I prayed that good would come out of the visit. When he returned he reported although he did not manage to get the books it was wonderful to re-connect with his old friend Pastor Wong and was encouraged to find him still faithfully serving all these years. 

Our hostess Lay Hua who was his former colleague was also glad to meet up with him again. Tek also found out SUFES Bookshop has contacts to help transport Asian Beacon to different towns.  All in all, it was a worthwhile visit. I was glad I did not continue to vent my opposition on Tek to stop him going.

It has happened many times before that when he did things against my wish it eventually turned out well. But submitting is still not easy.  I am still learning to do it with a better attitude.

Recently a pastor’s wife recounted how she was keen on going to Phuket for the family holiday, but her husband insisted on going to Kuala Lumpur instead. They went to Kuala Lumpur. It turned out that a tsunami hit Phuket and destroyed the town.  She was glad they did not go there saying, “When God tells wives to submit to their husbands it is for their protection.”

I am convinced God has a reason for every command He gives so it is advisable for us to trust Him and obey His principles and instructions. 


 Humanism on the Prowl by Tek chong

“There is no need for gods or God.  Man is god. Demolish the Judeo -christian concepts of creator, creation, marriage, family, sex.” Nowadays every aspect of life is affected by this “progressive” ideology. Like the Sons of Issachar, a group of 200 leaders from a small tribe in Israel, we need to know the signs of times and what we should do. Secular humanism is eroding our christian foundations. We must be aware of its insidious and subtle invasion into even the church. Knowing what is attacking us, we will know how to combat the enemy. Read More


Against same-sex marriage

By now you already know that the No votes (38% vs 61%) have lost in the Australian Postal Survey for Same Sex Marriage. This is a wake-up call to the Christians in Australia. Several Christian leaders have written thoughtful articles to challenge us not to give up this battle. Following are three of them:

1. The Battle for Marriage and Life Goes OnRead here….
  by Lyle Shelton. Managing Director. The Australian Christian Lobby

2. What to think about today’s resultRead here….
  by Marriage Report + Euthanasia Challenge Warwick & David – Canberra Declaration

3. Marriage Vote: ‘Yes’ WinsRead here.
  by Bill Muehlenberg who writes a popular blog  CultureWatch  

 Life goes on without him but with Him by Susan Yap: 

One of the good friends we always meet up with when we go to melaka is Susan who was our client when we ran a beauty salon Michelle Co. in the 1970s. We rejoice as we see her family members, from her mother-in-law to her grandchildren come into the Kingdom. It happened we were in Melaka to attend her husband’s funeral last year. In our recent trip we see that she is adjusting to widowhood with new vision, reaching out to others. Read More..

 Out of darkness by Joshua Tan:

God definitely orchestrated our encounter with Joshua because of our mutual interest in writing. He is coming out into the light by sharing his testimony in this issue. Read More


 Healed beyond Doctors’ Knowledge by Dr Oui Siew Kim:

In our Kuching missions trip last year, we were hosted by Siew Kim and Khwang Thong both doctors. On our way to the camp site in their car, we heard a remarkable story from Siew Kim. Puzzled by strange symptoms, having tried different treatments, finally the Great Physician solved the mystery of her illness. Read More

 Missing Passports by Goldie Chong:

A wonderful story of how God caused different events to come together to locate their passports without which they would have been stuck overseas. Read More


 Take Time to smell the Flowers by Sim Ai Hiong:

Relaxing in the garden, learning precious lessons from creation. Read More… 

 Notes & quotes by Chua Wee Hian:

Wee Hian Feature 01

Having preached for 60 years in 70 nations, Wee Hian shares his experience with budding preachers in a monthly Preaching Fellowship in London.  We get to learn from him too in his monthly column in our blog. Read More

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