Issue – 37

A Word from Goldie                                February 2018 Issue – 37

Missions at Our Doorstep

We recall the difficulty our daughter encountered with her visa application and fund raising when she wanted to be a missionary in a certain nation. Now we see God is providing a new mission ministry to reach out to these nations because they have sent out thousands of their best sons and daughters to pursue studies in the universities of our country. These students are keen to make friends and get help from us locals. If we are willing to befriend them we can easily share our faith with. them. We find that not only students but domestic helpers, factory workers, etc. are our neighbours. So, we do not need to be missionaries and go to a foreign land – our mission field is now right at our doorstep.

We live near a university where many overseas students live. For several years we have been holding weekly English conversation classes in our home to cater to these students’ desire to improve their oral English. Two or three churches in our suburb also have similar active programs. During Christmas we attended a Chinese church and witnessed the water baptism of two friends from China. They shared their testimonies how they were touched by Christians who befriended them: I saw, I Believed and A Mother’s Prayer.

We met a young Chinese man while waiting for the bus to go to town. He was puzzled by the bus schedule, so he asked us in accented English for help. Immediately we knew he was from China, so we answered in mandarin. He told us he had just landed in the country and had just gone to the university to register. As we chatted on the bus we found out that he was a Visiting Scholar invited by the Australian University to do his PhD in Computer Voice Recognition. Passing by the café where our fellowship group met, we invited him to come and meet more Chinese friends. He turned up the following week and we have become close friends since. Read his story of how From Village Boy to Research Scholar.


Visiting different churches, we hear exciting, edifying testimonies so we encourage the speakers to pen down their stories to bless more people outside their own congregations. Obligingly they have sent us their articles. From Zion Praise Harvest Church pastored by Patrick Chen, our former youth pastor in Full Gospel Assembly Perth are two testimonies: Call Me the Sting and I had an Endless List


Chua Wee Hian was the first Asian who headed the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students  as its youngest International Director. He helped established campus ministries in many universities in different nations and different cultures. Later he was lead pastor of an evangelical, charismatic congregation in central  London. He mentored many business professionals and future church leaders. On his ‘retirement’ he is now a well-respected christian statesman among his many mentorees who are now senior leaders of many assemblies across the world.

We are honoured to publish his articles regularly in our Blog. Here  he shares his personal experience as a leader in his many ministries: the how’s and  how-not’s of choosing a ministerial team.


I Saw, I Believed 

by Sharon Huang.

“Christianity became clear when demonstrated in the lives of believers”.
Read More

A Mother’s Prayer

by Liu Yuge

Far from home, in a new country, new environment, new language, she found her mother’s God.

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From village Boy to Research Scholar 

by Xianjun Xia

He did not follow his father’s footsteps to become a butcher.

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Call Me the Sting 

by Jack Chia.

A potentially deadly episode turned into a funny story.

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I Had an Endless List 

by Jackie Paxton.

Can so many sicknesses be treated?

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A Time to Laugh

Feb 2018.
Read More… 

Wee Hian Feature 01Notes & quotes 

by Chua Wee Hian.

Chua Wee Hian first heard of Warren Buffett in the early 1970s. He was then a major contributor to Campus Crusade, having bought in the vision and global projects. In his Notes & Quotes on Warren Buffett we can re-assess our character and the way we lead and motivate others in a local church or in a business set-up. For those who have to raise fresh capital, increase sales and productivity or financial support for our churches, investors or donors in some form or other should raise Buffett’s questions. Read More

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