Issue – 43

A Word from Goldie                   September 2018  Issue – #43


”Make new friends and keep the old, for one is silver, the other gold….”

”The most valuable antiques are dear old friends……” (see FRIENDS video below)

So goes the sayings which are so true.

In our visit to Malaysia in August we met many precious gold antiques,  friends who go back a long way or are connected in some way with Asian Beacon (By the way, AB will be 50 years in 2019). We’d like to re-live some of these beautiful memories.

We Couldn’t Have Made All Those Appointments 

Asking God for divine appointments is our prayer every day and that’s exactly what happened when we worshipped in Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday .

We bumped into more friends than we could have made appointments if we had tried.

Mama Low, A Pioneer In Nation Building 

Renewal of friendships from Melaka Wesley Methodist Church revealed an amazing facet of an old lady’s contribution not only to our church but our country 

He Didn’t Become A Pastor 

He thought the way to serve God was going ‘full-time’ to be a pastor or church worker. 

But God gave him the gift of helps and equipped him with the resources to do it. 

Anything and Everything

No satay…….. running out of medicine….

We experienced God’s amazing goodness and mercies in big and small things 

Notes & Quotes

Companies and churches go through a life cycle. They begin as a dynamic movement, gather momentum and grow. Soon they operate as institutions and become part of the establishment. Then for a period of time, they stagnate or plateau. When there is no renewal, they decline. Some close down while others feebly limp on. What is the way to avoid this cycle?


A Time to Laugh