Issue – 48

October 2019, A word from the Chongs

Our long silence

Dear friends, since we posted our #47 blog in June we have not managed to post anything, the reason being we were in Malaysia for the 50th Anniversary of Asian Beacon in August and then we went on a short term mission trip to Cambodia.

Five days after we returned on 10 Sept. Goldie woke up with weakness in the right limbs. She was admitted to hospital with a mild stroke and has just been discharged on 4 Oct. 

Thank God she has recovered remarkably quickly and now can walk (still a bit wobbly), write, cook, etc.  God has been emphasizing to her the need to rest and that is what she is doing. On 18 Oct. God willing, we fly to Malaysia to attend our nephew’s wedding and continue to recuperate in our favourite habitat in Melaka. Recounting our adventures in the pre-stroke months in Malaysia and Cambodia will have to be put on hold.

We are so thankful everything worked out under God’s control – that the stroke occurred back in Perth where the best treatment was available, with a private ensuite in Hollywood Hospital with sumptuous western diet five times a day. Goldie felt this was better than staying in a hotel.

Of course, there is a  purpose of this experience for us. In the last few weeks, we are enjoying another phase of life. Suddenly we do not need to answer emails urgently, take phone calls, no immediate datelines to meet, no speaking engagements to prepare. We realize we are no longer bound by the tyranny of the urgent. Yet in this restful environment, life is still moving on. God is in full charge. So we are now making use of this period to do some review, sort out our present priorities, asking God to clarify what are His good plans for our remaining days. We pray that we will finish the race faithfully and joyfully. We are very grateful for all our friends who prayed for us during this time and hope to keep in touch in this blog soon.

God Bless, Tek & Goldie

Asian Beacon 50th Anniversary in KL with Chairman Tan Yoke Tee

In Emmanuel Community School in Phnom Penh. Lt. to Rt. Vissot Principal of ECS, his wife Chhorvin, Tek, Goldie Peter & Herlina Chee, Phebe Tham

In Hollywood Hospital Perth


by Chua Wee Hian

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by Chua Wee Hian

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