Issue – 51

Jan./Feb 2020 Issue – 51
A word from the Chongs


We seem to be facing a lot of calamities recently:
some are man-made and others seem to come from non-human origins.

by Tek Chong

China faces a major disaster: The Coronavirus epidemic. It struck at a most unfortunate time- the Chinese Luna new year festival period. At this critical time, there is usually a massive population shift when millions move all over the large continent, thus making the spread of the human to human lung infection disease rapidly becoming almost uncontrollable.

In the midst of all the fearful news, both fake and true, the following two bring refreshing hope.

1. The Chinese government convened a top-level committee meeting chaired by the highest authority Chairman Xi Jin Peng & his Executive Cabinet. From the various reports, the meeting was held on the first day of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Government is treating the whole situation as a war hence it warrants top priority with a War Cabinet status convened to coordinate the whole nation’s available resources to counterattack the national disaster.

One of the encouraging reports came from a top medical epidemiologist who declared that with the full Cabinet support, there is a large contingent of the top medical specialists of all medical disciplines summoned to Wuhan. With all the available medical experiences from their previous battle with the Sars crisis, they are confident that medical treatment will be discovered within months or even weeks.

2. Another marvellous news has seeped out of the ‘closed quarantined cities’ –  Christian believers are stepping out of ‘hiding’ forming little teams going from house to house providing care and support to the frightened population. As in the past when there is a national crisis, Christians are among the first to risk their lives to provide hope & comfort to their neighbours.

We who are not in direct contact with the danger must give our prayer support to the above two good news. 

Launch Out

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by Goldie Chong

Spring cleaning  my own life.

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Journeying with God

by Bishop Hwa Yung

A church leader urges the Malaysian church to reassess existing models to fit the changing times.

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Your Garden Plot –  is a regular feature where we welcome your contributions.

While attending Zion Praise Harvest Church in Perth Tek & Goldie heard many edifying testimonies and sermons from the members. We thought they deserve a wider audience than just the congregation, so we requested them to let us post them in our blog. We hope you will be blessed just as the congregation was.

From Sarawak to Perth

by Vincent Lai

How a small-town boy became an architect.

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Who do I really Put First

by Yogi Yung Ping See

With so many bills who do I pay?

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I Have Many Daddies

by Nancy Yu

My Church Mentors Are Like My Father

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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

by Michelle Koh

Settle things before going to bed.

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Giving Grace To Others

by Jeremiah Ooi

Jumping to conclusions is unwise.

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